SpyShops Policies and Customer F.A.Q.


Products on our site can be purchased securely with any major credit card. Personal checks, certified checks and money orders are accepted. If purchasing by check/money order, please call us and we'll send you an order form. Merchandise will be shipped after check/credit card transaction clears. Checks and money orders should be written out to: Spy Shops Inc.


SpyShops employs the highest grade of encryption available to secure all customer purchases. IP addresses are recorded for fraud prevention purposes. IP addresses will be banned and local authorities notified in the event of fraudulent credit card use. Telephone calls are recorded for security and quality control purposes. Client conversations with SpyShops employees either in person, by phone or email are kept confidential.

Shipping and Handling:

All U.S. orders are sent out using standard ground shipping at flat rate of just $20.00. Faster delivery is available. Please call us so we can find the most affordable rate with UPS, FedEx or USPS. Please note that weekend deliveries are very expensive. Weekday deliveries are more cost efficient. Please note that we will only ship to the billing address shown for the credit card. If you would like your product shipped to a different address you must purchase the product with a check or money order.

Online Purchases

Online purchases can be cancelled within 1 hour of completing the transaction. Any cancellations made after 1 hour are subject to a 10% cancellation fee. No other refunds are granted under any circumstances. Defective items may be exchanged for a new unit of simliar type and model. The customer must call 954-563-1779 within 5 business days after receiving the item to receive an RMA number and shipping address. Shipping costs are payable by the customer and are not reimbursed by SpyShops.

PayPal Purchases

SpyShops will only accept PayPal purchases from PayPal users with verified accounts and confirmed addresses only. All U.S. addresses can be confirmed. If you live outside the U.S. and cannot confirm your address you can pay by check or money order as an alternative. We will not ship products to any other address besides the one that has been verified, no exceptions.

In-Store Purchases

Payments are not refundable. Returned merchandise has to be in original condition and packaging and returned within 5 business days from date of purchase. Exchanges and store credit are granted if original sales receipt is presented with product in previously described condition. Store credit is valid for 1 year from date of purchase. A 25% restocking fee will be deducted from the original purchase price.


1 Year Warranty is provided at no additional cost on all electronic merchandise. SpyShops may replace defective merchandise with one of equal or greater value when original merchandise is out of stock, back ordered or out of production.

Customer Support

SpyShops has a reputation that has helped us stay in business for 20 continuous years. We earned this reputation by providing ongoing support for all our products for as long as you own it at no additional cost. If you need help with any product purchased from SpyShops, help is only a phone call, an email or a store visit away. No question is too small and no challenge is too great for us.

SpyShops Disclaimer

WARNING: Products purchased at SpyShops are not to be used for surreptitious interception of oral communications. All equipment is sold subject to public law 90-351 TITLE III,18 U.S.D Section 2511. All local, state and federal ordinances, rules, regulations etc. it is the sole responsibility of the buyer not the seller to consult legal counsel for interpretation of any laws applicable to the area of intended use. SpyShops will not be held liable for any damages or criminal prosecution resulting from illegal use of products purchased at SpyShops.

Customer F.A.Q.

Question: Why are some of our prices radically different than those shown for similar products shown on other "spy" websites?

Answer: Unfortunately, many online websites sell counterfeit or used versions of our products at substantially lower prices. In the end, this will cost you more because the product will only work for a couple of weeks or months at best. Most spy products are manufactured in China and we really don't have a problem with that. Their quality control standards have improved dramatically over the past 10 years. However, this does not prevent some overseas manufacturers from producing low quality devices. Our long history in the industry has allowed us to identify and avoid doing business with such manufacturers and wholesalers. Since SpyShops has physical store locations, we must make sure that our products are legitimate and reliable for our clients. SpyShops spares no expense in procuring it's products from the most reputable manufacturers in the world, not just China. For example, our encrypted phones are manufactured for us in Germany and Israel. Our best voice recorders are produced in Korea. We have 20 years of experience in the industry to prove that this strategy works. Ultimately, you must ask yourself, who would you rather do business with? A website that can disappear overnight or a company that literally started the "Spy Store" industry?

Question: Does SpyShops sell hardware/software that enables spying on cell phones?

Answer: No. Such technology is available only to government agencies. Although there are plenty of websites selling such devices, they don't work and only exist to steal your personal information. Besides, it's illegal for anyone to have such technology in their possession. Consult with a SpyShops consultant who can guide you to legal surveillance solutions.

Question: How should GPS trackers be used?

Answer: GPS trackers should only be used on vehicles that you own.

Question: How should computer surveillance hardware/software be used?

Answer: Computer surveillance hardware/software should only be used on computers that you own.