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The new EOD/IEDD Bomb Containment Trailer System was developed by government Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) experts to enable relatively inexperienced operators to remove a suspect Improvised Explosive Device (IED) to a safe location where it can safely be examined or destroyed. The equipment is designed to safely contain and transport a suspect explosive object of up to 4Kg of TNT and up to 600mm x 800mm x 600mm in size. The unique design of the entire system enables it to be easily used with a minimal amount of training. 


The  Bomb Containment Trailer System consists of a specially designed bomb container mounted on a four wheeled trailer which can easily be towed. The container is made from two layers of high-strength, high-impact 40mm ballistic steel. The chamber space between the inner steel 'tube' and the outer steel wall contains sand, which together with the strengthened ballistic steel, helps absorb the effects of blast, thus enabling the container to be used repeatedly.


The  Bomb Containment Trailer’s exceptional thermal and pressure-tolerant design provides high explosion suppression capability. In the event of an accidental detonation the tubular design of the container ensures that the blast effect will be directed vertically upwards, rather than sideways, thus ensuring no damage will be caused to the towing vehicle, trailer body and the surrounding area. 


A suspect device is picked up with the aid of the hand-portable telescopic manipulator which is provided with the Complete System. The operator places the device on the back of the trailer and the rotating hydraulic lifting arm is remotely operated to raise the package and gently place it inside the container. 


Once the  Bomb Containment Trailer System is loaded with the suspect device the trailer can be safely towed to a convenient site where the device can be removed from the container. Shock absorbers help protect the container from any sudden movement. Removing the suspect device is done by reversing the loading process. Once removed from the Bomb container, the device can be examined with the use of a portable x-ray or it can be harmlessly disposed of with the use of an explosive disruptor. 


The  Bomb Containment Trailer is supplied as a complete system including telescopic manipulator. 




Trailer size: 367cm long x 190cm wide
Outer Container size: 100cm high x 100cm wide
Inner Container size: 100cm high x 64cm wide
Height: 142 cm
Steel Thickness: 40mm
Protective Level: 4 kg of TNT 

Bomb Containment Trailer

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