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Electronic Counter Measures -  Jamming & Pre-Detonation System

The Bomb Jammer is a modular jamming system developed for the next generation of terrorist threat. Representing the latest developments in RF jamming technology, the 600-2121 is the world’s leading Electronic Counter Measures Jamming and controlled Pre-Detonation System.

As the worldwide terrorist threat continues to become ever more sophisticated, security forces and law enforcement agencies must maintain operational capability through more capable hardware and advanced training. The design of the Bomb Jammer makes it a very powerful and effective tool, yet retains user-friendly operation and cost-effectiveness.

The Bomb Jammer system will effectively jam Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices (RCIEDs) and will also reliably Pre-Detonate certain, amplitude modulation, controlled RCIEDs at safe distances.

The modern terrorist threat presents an increased risk of RCIED detonation from several common RF devices in everyday use. Of these types of equipment, radio control devices, mobile telephones and electronic pagers are the most prolific. Accordingly the Bomb Jammer system capability is directed at the specific threats posed by these 3 items when used for terrorist purposes. The Bomb Jammer is configured as a modular jamming system that allows the end-user to select protection against any or all of the above devices.

The 600-2121 can be configured in either a vehicle-mounted and powered format. Bomb Jammer jamming provides protection to VIPs in transit, military convoys, sensitive venues and high value fixed installations. By effectively emitting a protective shield of electro-magnetic radiation the target is significantly ‘hardened’ to terrorist attack. Similarly, the pre-detonation ability of the system will work to initiate certain types of RCIEDs at a safe distance ahead of the protected target.




Radiated Frequency Range      10MHz to 1000MHz.

Communications Channel       Available to order.

Signal                   Continuous wide band barrage white noise.

Power Supply              12 Volt DC, 90 Amps/ AC mains power supply.

Power Output              500 Watts (configuration dependant), 

                                           Effective Radiated Noise.

Operational Range           Application dependant: Typically 100M+

                                    under certain known terrorist RCIED procedures.

Jamming Scope             All types of RF signal, coded & non coded

Cooling                  Forced air assisted heat exchanger.

Control                  Simple remote unit controls.

Utility                   Vehicle mounted or ground based.

Documentation             Operation manuals. Field Service manuals.

Training                  In-country use and service training available.

Design/ Build Standard        Military specification components, 

                                                 design and build.

Quality Assurance           ISO 9001:1994 Design, Production, Supply, Service.

Integrated Logistics          ILS Package can be developed to suit end user

Support                  requirements for long term support and maintenance.


 Bomb Jammer Modular Jammer        

Jamming Modules included       

a) Broad Band Barrage: 10-1000MHz,    

a) Broad Band Barrage: 10-1000MHz,    

b) Cellular telephone: GSM 900 & 1800 MHz     

a) Broad Band Barrage: 10-1000MHz,    

b) Cellular telephone: GSM 900 & 1800 MHz     

c) Mobile pager: 100-300MHz


   Other Configurations available to order 


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