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Border protection is a task of high national importance, especially in today’s world of terrorism and smuggling. The Border Observation Vehicle was designed as a long range Mobile Day & Night Surveillance Post that can effectively operate even under extreme weather conditions regardless of the terrain. It can detect, recognize and identify humans, vehicles and vessels from up to 20km. It’s second generation high resolution thermal camera ensures recognition of even small details, and above all it offers the performance of surveillance tasks as inconspicuously and discretely as possible. Modular design and open system architecture allow the integration of various sensors according to the customer’s special requirements. The thermal camera itself can be combined with Laser Rangefinders, day-vision high resolution digital CCTV cameras, GPS aiming circle, PC and north seeking gyros, and other high-tech surveillance and tracking devices.


Typical Surveillance Platform contains:

ï          Patented Pan-and tilt  Assembly

ï          Silent Elevating Platform

ï          Control and display terminal

ï          High resolution, color monitors

ï          Video recorders


The pan and tilt platform on which the thermal camera is mounted allows perfect 360° observation. Using the pan and tilt head the thermal camera can be rotated to any azimuth and it can be tilted 30° down and 30° up elevation.


The system consists of: 

ï          Scanner 

ï          IR imager

ï          Thermal reference assembly

ï          Multiplexer 

ï          Analog - digital converter 

ï          Systems electronics



ï          Detector CMT,IRCCD 96 x 4

ï          Spectral Range 7,5 to 10,5 µm

ï          Interlace 2:1

ï          Number of lines: 576

ï          Pixels per line: 768

ï          NETD: <120mK

ï          Detector Temperature 77k

ï          Zoom 1:8

ï          Cooler: linear split cooler

ï          Cool down time: 4 minutes

ï          2 Monitors

ï          Everything built into a console of a Volkswagen Van


Options available:

ï          Eye-safe Laser Rangefinder

ï          CCD Camera

ï          GPS ( Global Positioning System)

ï          PC for pseudo-color image display

ï          Special mapping software

ï          Moving target detection capabilities

ï          Approach Sensor

ï          Tracking system

ï          And many more…….

Border Observation Vehicle

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