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Our Bulletproof Tactical Military Vests are designed to provide the highest level of protection even under the most extreme conditions. They are known and recognized as the most comfortable and durable Military Body Armor available on the market today. 


The advanced hybrid designs are engineered to maximize the unique properties and benefits of today’s high performance ballistic materials while eliminating excess weight, stiffness and other factors which inhibit individual performance.


Standard Features:


  • Six (6) point adjustable straps
  • Metal, Ceramic or super light weight Titanium trauma plate
  • ComfortTemp Inner temperature control lining
  • Washable 65/35 Poly/Cotton Cover/Carrier system
  • Customized Fitting
  • Detachable Groin-guard
  • Magazine & Utility pouches


*** Available in all Military Ballistic Protection Levels

Bulletproof Tactical Military Vest

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