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You need a door that can stop attacks ranging from sledgehammer blows to AK-47 blasts.


Bullet Resistant Glass Armor:

Bullet resistant transparent armor is used in all armored vehicles. Our transparent armor is a special glass/polycarbonate laminate that can resist penetration by common handguns and high powered rifle rounds. The bullet resistant glass armor replaces OEM glass on our armored vehicle packages.

How it works:


Depending on your door or window protection need we will either customize your existing door or window with our bulletproof strong armoring materials, or ship and install a new bulletproof solution for you.


Bulletproof Glass
Windows are constructed with multi-layer polycarbonate security glass that will not splinter when hit or shot at. The glass is amazingly distortion free, and looks completely like normal glass until you power down the front windows and see that they are about 1 inch thick. 


Window Laminates
Window laminate that is as thin as paper and makes windows bomb and bullet-resistant for about one-tenth the cost of bullet-proof glass. The transparent security laminate simply rolls on existing windows like wallpaper and keeps them from shattering. 


Extensive Steel Armor Plating:
Steel armoring prevents bullets from passing through doors, door locks and the gaps where the doors are shut. 


Bullet Resistant Fabrics (Spectra, Kevlar)
A synthetic fiber so strong that even the incredible strength of steel pales by comparison. Spectra® is the strongest, lighest man made fiber. Spectra is 10 times stronger than steel, 40 percent stronger than aramids and stronger and lighter than virtually every other comercial high modulus panel. Spectra is light enough to float on water, exhibits superior resistance to chemicals, water and UV light. It has excellent vibration dampening, flex fatigue and internal fiber-friction characteristics.




Bulletproof  Windows & Doors

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