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The Cellular Activity Detector & Locator is intended to detect illegal or subversive Cellular telephone conversations in prisons, military and governmental installations, court houses, top secret & restricted areas, theaters, office areas, airplanes and similar restricted areas.


The special, highly sensitive CAD - Cellular Activity Detectors are installed in strategic places and connected by wireless LAN to the PC in the Central Monitoring Station, or to a pocket PALM monitor & locator. Each CAD may cover an area from 1m to hundreds of meters, depending on configuration, environmental conditions or other special requirements. Each detector comes with internal omni directional or directional antenna and with its own rechargeable power supply or solar panel charger. Once the illegal deployment of the cell phone is discovered, the wireless transmitter inside the CAD sends an alert signal to the Central Monitoring Station and displays on the PC monitor the exact location of the target. The visual display on the PC screen shows the map of the building layout and the log file for each Cellular Activity Detector that includes time stamp, signal strength of the Cellular transmission. Special software is used finally for evaluating the data and pinpointing on the map the targets location.


Below is an example of a PC screen with Cellular Activity Detectors installed in a Correctional Institution. 




Each “X” represents a location of the CAD. The red exclamation mark (!) indicates that the cellular phone activity was detected and the circles around it specify the area where the target is expected to be located.



The complete system includes twenty (20) wireless Cellular Activity Detectors, the central management software and easy installation & troubleshooting manual.

The one year warranty also includes software updates.


Cellular Activity Detector & Locator

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