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When connected to data capable Digital Cellular telephones or Satellite telephones The Cellular Encryption Digital Card provides a high-grade secure voice and data encryption.  


Very flexible, diverse, portable and easy to use -  design for  anyone with a need to have their  personal and private communications to be sent over cellular or satellite channels in complete privacy.  


Design for use by government, business and  private individuals on the go,  to communicate ( Voice & Data ) confidential information  in an encrypted mode. 


The Card contains the ultimate communication technology, designed to conform with the 128-bit key Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) .  


If you own a cellular phone Data Capable,  than this is what you need  - A compact and portable security system that is very easy to operate. 


Note: minimum 2 units are needed to establish communication ( one on each side of the conversation ) 

Note: may  require a U.S. government export license to certain countries.  

Dimensions: 5" D x 2.2" W x .375" H (127mm D x 56mm W x 10mm)

Cellular Encryption Digital Card

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