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The GSS Cellular Land-Spy is one of our latest ingenious products introduced to Global Law Enforcement Agencies to fight today’s crime & terrorism without endangering the lives of their officers & agents.


 This powerful and flexible audio surveillance tool can be hooked up directly to the target’s telephone line, inside or outside of the premises. It can be left there permanently, using AC adapters, or temporarily, using the rechargeable battery inside the cellular telephone itself or via additional rechargeable battery pack. Solar recharge-packs can also be used when the GSS Cellular Land-Spy is mounted outside on a telephone pole. 


 Monitor and record the target’s telephone, fax or internet communications simultaneously from anywhere in the world through another cellular or land phone.




ï          Superb audio quality

ï          Unlimited range

ï          Easy, snap-in installation

ï          High security, using GSM digital cellular network

ï          Dependability & absolute simplicity

ï          Completely Stealth – Invisible on the line

ï          Can be interfaced & used in conjunction with 

       other communication technologies

ï          Can be left unattended permanently

ï          Works on new digital telephone service

ï          Relatively inexpensive

Cellular Land-Spy

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