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This lightweight Complete IEDD & EOD Vehicle includes a choice of very specialized equipment adopted by many Military and Law Enforcement units globally. It is a totally equipped highly professional tool, allowing its users to perform almost all types of IEDD & EOD interventions and reconnaissance missions. It is flexible, fast and easily adjustable to fit to any type of security operations, including anti-terrorism and Homeland Security. It provides a fast and convenient way of rapidly deploying an IEDD team, complete with all necessary equipment to the scene of an incident.


 All vehicles are internally customized so that all equipment required is safely and easily stowed in its own location. This integration of the equipment at the design stage allows the vehicle to act as the command and control centre for any IEDD operation.

Complete `turn key` packages of vehicle and all equipment can be supplied allowing an IEDD team to become operational immediately. Allowance can be made for environmental conditions of operation and in consultation with the end user, we can provide advice on appropriate levels of ballistic and EMC protection.

Any configuration of customers` specified equipment can be incorporated into the vehicle and it can be finished to any livery or color scheme. To discuss your requirements further please contact the sales office.

Complete IEDD & EOD Response Vehicle

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