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Product Description
Detects all radio frequency bugging threats
Detects even the lowest power eavesdropping transmitters
Easy use by non-technical personnel
Rapid identification of suspicious signals
Reliable operation in strong signal areas
Ruggedized packaging
Greater detection range than competive products

A combined spectrum analyzer accuracy with simple operation in the Countermeasures Receiver. Capable of detecting even the lowest power eavesdropping transmitters as well as exotic modulation techniques and powerline transmitters, has been designed for easy use by non-technical personnel.

Simple push-button audio demodulation lets the user hear signal audio. Narrow- and wide-band FM and AM demodulation provides rapid identification of suspicious signals. Listen to audio on built-in speaker or on headphones.

Extremely stable engineered circuitry assures reliable operation even in the strongest signal areas found in metropolitan areas. It  is not affected by strong local signals that overwhelm other receivers.

Super sensitivity will detect low power transmitters within an area of up to 30,000 square feet . This means that the RF sweep can be done more thoroughly and quickly. With a sensitivity of 0.1 microvolts, it is 8 times more

Counter-Surveillance Monitor Receiver

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