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The CryptCell Encrypted Cellular Telephone module is the only plug-in self contained telephone high security scrambler available in the world. It plugs into the data port of the Ericsson T-series GSM or TDMA Cellular telephones. It is completely self-contained, no batteries are needed. No special dialing needed. Has efficient in-line design that has minimal impact on the phone’s batteries.


The latest, Diffie Hellman top military level encryption methods to protect you cellular conversations point to point from all types of illegal eavesdropping. It comes with simple instructions and one year warrantee. 


Can be interfaced with the CryptPhone Telephone & Fax Encryptor.




       Media Encryption

       AES 128/192/256 bits - according to appropriate state laws

       Public Key generation

       Diffie Hellman 1024 bits - according to appropriate state laws

       Voice Compression


       Data Rate (Host to/from accessory)

       88 Kbps

       Transmission Rate

       Network depended

       Network Data Mode

       Transparent for Ericsson T28

       Non-Transparent for T39, T65, T68, R520 from Ericsson, T68i, T200, T300 from


       USB Connectors

       Standard mini-USB

       Power Consumption

       17.5mW Standby, 280mW max

       5µW off


       11 gr.


       40 mm X 22 mm X 7 mm

       1.57 x 0.866 x 0.027


       Operation: 0 to +60°C Indoors

       Storage: -20 to +70°C Indoors

       Phones Supported

       Ericsson T28, T39, T65, T68, R520 model

       Sony-Ericsson T68i, T200, T300 models

CryptCell Encrypted Cellular Telephone

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