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Digital security for phone, fax and data communications
Strong encryption - 128-bit key length, with full user control over key management
Fully customisable for a unique algorithm
Inmarsat compatible
Graphical screen for multi-language displays


Our Company offers digital security with full customization capacity, and has been specially built for SignalGuard to meet the functional expectations of corporate clients, as well as the high security requirements of government customers.


The Digital Encryptor is designed to operate using 128-bit keys, and can be configured to use industry standard algorithms such as Triple DES, or an algorithm independently developed by the customer. Our technology offers a high level of security while allowing customers to take full control over all aspects of their encryption. 


The Digital Encryptor is installed in-line between a standard desktop phone or fax machine and the telephone wall socket, and operates over international satellite links and certain Inmarsat services and VPNs, as well as the public telephone network (PSTN).


Security is activated at the touch of a single button, and audible confirmation is provided of the transition between clear and secure communications. The current security status is displayed at all times, together with the identity of the remote user. 

The Digital Encryptor combines a high level of protection with simplicity in operation, in a stylish and compact unit.


Secure voice over low bit-rate services (from 4.8 Kbps)
- 128-bit security
- Selection of algorithms, including Triple DES
- Options for customisation
- External key fill with integration into existing key management system
- Compatibility across communications channels


CES has developed a digital encryption architecture for full 128 bit security in a variety of communications channels. SQ Encryption has been designed to allow flexibility in implementation, and to meet the needs of government customers with an existing cryptographic network and key management system. SQ is now available for licensing and implementation in communications products and services. 

Digital Encryptor

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