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Document Scanner provides a non-intrusive technique for screening people, particularly individuals entering a facility or passengers boarding an aircraft. People routinely handle their identification cards, boarding passes, or other documents, transferring any narcotics or explosives residue from their fingertips onto their documents.     


   NON-intrusive detection for drugs and explosives!


    Sensitive - Passports, drivers licenses, identification cards, etc. can quickly be swiped across the document scanner to collect any trace particles that have been deposited through routine handling.

Non-Intrusive - The Document Scanner will effectively and efficiently detect any trace amounts of drugs or explosives without being intrusive.

Fast - Audio / Visual results are provided within 6 to 8 seconds!

Deployment Applications

  • Airport Security
  • Vehicle Roadside
  • Checkpoints
  • Transportation Security
  • Access Control 



     The Document Scanner can quickly collect this residue and analyze the sample in six to eight seconds to detect the presence or drugs or explosives.



D O C U M E N T  S C A N N E R  S P E C I F I C A T I O N S


Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS)


Picogram levels

Analysis Time

6 - 8 seconds

Explosives Detected

TNT, RDX, PETN, Semtex, Nitrates, NG, HMX, and others

Drugs Detected

Cocaine, Heroine, Methamphet, PCP, LSD, THC and others

























Document Scanner

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