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Blocking communications and remote initiation of remotely activated explosive devices over analog and digital cellular telephone networks is now simple with this dual band (800-2200MHz) portable jammer.


The Dual Band Cellular Jammer and Electronic Counter Measures Unit is built in compliance with the latest military specifications. Utilizing the latest in communication jamming technology the adjustable output power of the system enables authorized users to effectively block analog and digital cellular signals in either a localized area or over greater distances, as required by the operation. The system is simple to operate, fully portable and compact; making it easily deployable in the field.


Intended for use by military and law enforcement to ensure:


ï   Security of information by preventing illicit transmission of audio, video and data.

ï   Prevent remote activation of concealed surveillance equipment.

ï   Prevent remote detonation of improvised, remotely activated explosive devices.



                                                        Technical Data


Push button with LED indications                             

Power  “OFF” (per band)

Remote control:      


Power level:            

25% (1/4) – 50%(1/2) and Full

Power Source:         

Input power – 110/220VAC or 24VDC regulated

Two off 13.2V, 7Ah rechargeable & Interchangeable NiMH battery packs (broadcast standard PAG MH100 type) as a 24V DC power supply.

Additional separate external 24V DC rechargeable power supply.

Two additional AC/DC quick chargers

Power converter from 24V DC DC to 12V DC with a cigarette lighter plug for vehicle use.

Separate 110/220AC charger & sturdy power supply

Battery life:             

Normal operation: 4 – 6 hours / per charge.

RF Output:               

Nominal 30W (15W per band)

Signal source:         

PLL Synthesized

Band coverage:       

851/869 ~ 894 MHz

925/935 ~ 960MHz

1805 ~ 1880 MHz

1930 ~ 1990 MHz

2110 ~ 2170 MHz

Air coverage:           




Single – Dual band


Internal directional antennas, min 8dBi gain

External Magnetic mount & Stationary with N type connectors.

Frequency coverage: from 800 – 2200MHz


320mm x 420mm x 160mm (Pelican 1470)

350mm x 470mm x 170mm (Pelican 1500)


20 kg  (25kg with extra battery pack)

Operating Temp:    

 0°C to 50°C


5% to 80%


Additional Accessories:


ï   Rechargeable power supply 7AH

ï   Quick AC/DC charger

ï   Power converter/inverter

ï   Assortment of pressurized Pelican cases

ï   Magnetic mount external universal antenna

ï   External roof top antenna

ï   White dome acrylic dome decoy cover

ï   Clear plastic rain cover

ï   Security locks

Dual Band Cellular Jammer

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