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Ghost Covert Wireless Microphone

The transmitter is activated by a simple twist of the cap switch and is easily placed just about anywhere. Using advanced surface-mount technology, the transmitter, microphone and batteries are all housed in a tiny ultra high quality circuit board. This covert unit has a new breakthrough audio circuit that reduces noise and increases audio sensitivity. By far the best, most sensitive, wireless microphone you will ever find!


Applications Include: 

ï          (ENG) Electronic News Gathering

ï          (EFP) Electronic Field Production

ï          Lectures

ï          Business Presentations

ï          Professional Theatre Performances

ï          Musical Performances

ï          Press Conferences

ï          Auctions

ï          Sporting Officials/Events 


General Specifications:
Frequency: Crystal controlled  414.8MHz
Modulation: Narrow band FM
Power Output: 200 Micro Volts per Meter (AVG. 3 Meter)
Antenna Type: Internal
Power Supply: 2 x 1.5V 292 Battery
Dimensions: (tubular shape)     only 69.5 mm long, and 10 mm in diameter

Ghost Covert Wireless Microphone

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