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The Global Attaché Telephone gives you true independent and global inter-connection to any destination in the world. It handles both high quality telephone calls, fax prints, data transfer or e-mail messages.

Designed in a ruggedised all magnesium case,  will fulfill all your portable and fixed needs for a mobile telephone, extending your mobility from “GSM” coverage to true global coverage.

The telephone occupies less than half of your normal brief-case, has low weight and low power consumption. It is your very best choice for any mobile requirement, being a traveling businessman or within rescue activities, news gathering, construction sites communications etc. 



·  Light, compact and power conserving mobile telephone for world-wide transfer of your telephone calls, fax prints and data/e-mail messages. 

·  Built-in batteries and charger for true portable use, with 48 hours standby time and 2.5 hours talk time. 

·  Handset, fax/2-wire RJ-11 phone port and Hayes comp. 2.4 kbps data port each with their own call ID (4 in total). 

·  Removable true water tight and sealed antenna, with acoustic signal strength indicator. 

·  Secure and tailored operation via built-in SIM card reader. 

·  Optional STU-IIB/STU-III and picture transmission software packages. 

·  All magnesium lap-top sized, with a weight of 2.2 kg.

Global  Attaché  Telephone

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