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The Global Satellite Mobile Telephone turns your vehicle into a highly advanced communication center and gives you true global and independent high quality voice, fax or data connections to any destination in the world within a matter of seconds.

It extends your mobility from "GSM" coverage to true global coverage, thus providing a reliable means of communication no matter where you are. 


The Global Satellite Mobile Telephone fully supports hands-free operation, ensuring safe driving while talking. The flexible design of the dashboard unit allows easy installation as well as easy access to both fax, aux. phone, and data connections.


·  Extremely compact and power conserving in-vehicle satellite telephone for world-wide transfer of your telephone calls, fax prints, and e-mail/data messages. 

·  Handset, fax, aux. phone and Hayes compatible data port, each with their own telephone number. 

·  Ultra low profile Automatic Tracking Antenna with integrated HPA/LNA and magnetic mount included as standard. 

·  Manual choice between 2 elevation zones, i.e. High-beam or Low-beam. 

·  Built-in SIM Card reader. 

·  Easy to install with a separate dashboard unit. 

·  Optional Hands-free kit available. 

·  Optional STU-IIB/STU-III interface. 

Global Satellite Mobile Telephone

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