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Multi Digital Cellular Telephone Interceptor

(Including GSM amd TDMA)


GSM System

GSM Cellular Interceptor
This is an advanced monitoring system designed to intercept GSM cellular traffic.
It is the most sophisticated - advanced state of the art equipment of it's kind. It is custom made to certain specifications according to the cellular system in your  country.


8 channels 900/1800 MHz,
(System with 1900 MHz is also available).
The system can target specific numbers or randomly screen GSM mobile Communication.
Conversations are monitored and logged simultaneously to voice and data logger for storage and retrieval..
Housed in industrial PC 19” rack mounted portable cabinet with attached keyboard and LCD monitor. Weight:12 Kg/23 Lb.
Decodes voice codes LPT, RPE and EFR.
Works with identificators IMSI, TMSI, IMEI, and MSISDN.
Find incoming call number when call ID is available.
Intercept 1 voice duplex Channel.

Possibility to receive SNS Messages.
Working range: Forward Channel 25 KM or 15.6 Mils, Reverse Channel depends on conditions - varies from 300 to 800 meters, or up to half a mile
If unidirectional antennas are used, range can be increased.






Encryption Modes:
A5.2 cooperation with network operator is not needed, the system works in real time.
A5.1 If cooperation with network operator is possible, the system works in real time.

If cooperation with network operator is not possible but there is an access to mobile phone, information can be extracted directly from SIM card, Extraction time – 15 Min., SIM card
scanner should be added to the system.

With special hardware and software module A5.1 Decoder the interceptor works without
Cooperation with network operator. Item:  4001-D 


TDMA System

TDMA Interceptor Pro
The system is an advanced monitoring system designed to intercept TDMA cellular calls.
Designed to work in  networks that specifically using  D-AMPS.


Scan Control Channels to locate a working base station in a given area.
Automatic adjustments in the configuring file.
Fast receivers presetting using data from the configuration files.
Store telephone conversations on the hard drive.
Monitoring  the activity of phone numbers from the “list of interest”.
Listening and recording all phone conversations of the accessible base station or only from the “list of interest”.
Displaying and recording all events in the control channels.
Displaying status of all  phones from the “list of interest”.

The system can control the following channels :
Forward control channels  IS-S4  & IS-136    (monitoring of incoming calls in one cell)

 Forward traffic channel (listening  to conversations in the forward/ outgoing direction)
Reverse control channel  (defines outgoing phone numbers). 


This equipment is available for representatives of “friendly” Governments or a Government Agencies only! All Inquiries must be followed by an Official Fax on the letterhead of the Law Enforcement Organization, signed by the person in charge of purchasing. Please include the name and telephone & Fax number of the person in charge with technical questions.


Multi Digital Cellular Telephone Interceptor

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