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This revolutionary NEW software/hardware package allows the user to READ, EDIT and COPY all user data from any mobile phone SIM card (GSM, PCN, 121, Orange, Cellnet, Vodaphone, Virgin, etc.) without having to use the PIN number. 

 Run the software on any compatible PC running Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT or Windows 2000. Simply insert the SIM card into the Smart card Reader provided and read all the user data into your PC.

 Phone Book Editor

 The Phone Book Editor allows you to read the phone numbers from the SIM card, into a safe area in the program so that any changes you make to the numbers can be restored back as they where. This is the main area of the software from where you can select to view/edit/change other settings using the package option.

 Phone-log Change

 With all the phone number changes happening, there is no simpler way than inserting your SIM card into the software and then having the software automatically change all the phone numbers in the phone book to the new codes for you, so you will not miss any, or find that the phone number no longer works.

 FLEET allows the user to lock Fixed Dial numbers within the SIM card, so that the phone will only use these numbers. Therefore an employee can only make calls to a number within the fixed dial list. Ideal for use in transport, each driver can be supplied with a mobile phone with only the office number programmed in the fixed list, therefore they can only call the office and not call any other number. By having no numbers in the fixed list, only emergency calls can be made, so the mobile becomes incoming only.

 Contact Manager

 The Package includes a useful Phone Book Organizer to allow you to save the mobile phone book to a disk. Edit the entry and load it back to SIM card. In seconds the Smart software reads all the information from the SIM card and intelligently places it into the correct places in the phone book. All information present on the card (name, address, telephone number) is recognized and dealt with automatically. One Click imports the data into the phone book manager, where it can be edited and updated by the user. 

ï   Attach notes to each record

ï   Search-Sort and view phone book entries with ease on your PC


 Contains the SIMBASE, an option which allows you to store multiple phone books into a database that can be edited and restored as needed. This option is useful if you have one phone in an office and more than one user has access to the same unit. Now you can allow the users to have their own phone book, without worrying about loosing someone else’s numbers.

 GSM Card Information

 With this option you can insert any GSM/PCN card from anywhere in the world and instantly see what your service provider has activated inside your card. See the number of entries that the card can handle and the size of the text fields.

 Expert Mode

 With this option you have total control of the SIM card. Care must be taken when using this option as you may easily destroy your SIM card by writing the wrong data to the card. 

Advanced user edition allows viewing and editing of all system parameters supported by the SIM card:

ï   PIN’s & PUK’s

ï   SIM Service Table

ï   Serial Number Preferred Language

ï   Preferred Service Provider (roaming features)

ï   Dialed Numbers, Groups and Extensions

ï   SMS, Messages and Status

ï   Preferred Net Services

ï   Ciphering Key / Admin Key

ï   Broadcast Control Channel

ï   Location Information

ï   IMSI

ï   FPLMN Forbidden PLMN’s

ï   Charge Limits

ï   Charge Counters

 GSM 11.11 SIM Snooper

 Advanced option that allows you to insert ANY GSM/PCN SIM Card and display ALL the files that exist within the card. Not all cards are the same, some of them have extra files.

 Access Control Class

 The access control class controls the RACH utilization. Fifteen (15) classes are split into two types. The lower ten (10) classes are randomly allocated to the users. The top five (5) are for high priority users such as Police and Network testing.

 PIN/PUK Admin

 This option allows access to lock/unlock the SIM card

 Read SIM Card

 This advanced option allows you to insert ANY GSM/PCN SIM Card and read the all the files that exist within the card, without having to use the PIN number, and write an output file that can be viewed later. 

 Card Administrative Data

 This allows you to change the way that certain mobile options work. Using this option on certain SIM card it is possible to enable the Engineering and Cell test mode of the handset, and view network details relating to the Cell that has been allocated to you.

 Service Provider List

 Allows you to change the roaming list within the SIM card

 Short Message Service

 Contains a SMS editor which allows to you to Read/Write/Delete any stored messages within the SIM card.

 The Complete Package contains:

ï          Software supplied on CD-ROM

ï          Chipdrive Smartcard reader/writer

ï          Mini-SIM adapter

ProM Sim-Card Reader

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