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ï  Automatic Scan for Concealed weapons. 

ï  Denies Access into Building when Weapons are Detected. 

ï  Safe Room Concept - safe room for office or residence 

   (Home Invasion: with systems and supplies to hold up 72 hrs). 

ï  Automated Voice Gives Polite Instructions to Remove Detected Items. 

ï  No Door Guard Personnel - Security can Monitor Remotely. 

ï  Customizable Decor Looks. 

ï  Constructed of Shock-Proof and Bullet-Resistant (Level 111) Glass.




These attractive doors can be customized to match any decor or building specification. They are made up of shock-proof and bullet-resistant (Level 111) glass. Magnetometers automatically scan for concealed guns, knives or explosives. 





More Examples of the Security Access Systems:




Up to 1600 people can pass through this 5-partition automatic revolving door. 

A weight-sensing device can detect if two people are entering at the same time as in hostage situations. The sensor can also detect when an object has been left in the doorway. These systems are equipped with anti-crush bumper guards that when touched reopen the doors for slower entry if a person is physically challenged or elderly. 






Security Access Systems

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