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As the designers and manufacturers of market leading portable intruder detection systems, our entire organization is firmly established as "The Portable Security Company". Our Passive Infra-Red equipped security systems combine the latest detection and communications technology with the highest possible standards of design and reliability - a combination we have built our reputation on. 


Our durable, reliable products are used worldwide to protect a wide range of assets. Currently, Sensor devices secure the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament, Aintree Racecourse for The Grand National, and many other prestigious events worldwide. As well as being the first choice security system for more than 40% of the top 100 companies on the London Stock Exchange, we also secure most operational RAF bases in the world with our NATO approved Sentor intruder detection units.


Our company is proud to present the "Sensorguard" service - developed purely to enhance your security and further protect your assets. At present, we have in operation over 1,500 units nationwide, each requiring a response from a manguard operation. We now intend to formalize these existing relationships and recruit further suitable organizations to reinforce and strengthen the Sensorguard service. Thus, we are able to offer you this unique opportunity to increase your sales revenue and coverage potential without the need for capital outlay.

Sensorguard provides many useful benefits, both financial and practical. These include:

  • A revenue generating opportunity for manguarding and security
  • operations
  • Increased profit margins and improved cashflow
  • Discounted prices on all our products
  • Full marketing and technical support
  • Head office product training
  • Improved protection and safety for your workforce


Utilizing Sensor technology allows any manguard and security company to become more competitive when quoting for business. With our proven technology and generous benefit packages, there has never been a better time to deploy our devices alongside your existing security workforce. Ultimately, our Sensorguard scheme represents the perfect way to increase both your profit margins and coverage potential.


Security is the now one of the most sensitive issues for businesses worldwide. With our portable security products, which boast battery lives of up to 15 years, your security arrangements will never be compromised again.

Sensor's core product range utilises Passive Infra Red (PIR) technology to detect intrusion into a protected area. Our detectors respond to rapid thermal changes produced by human intrusion in the detection zone.               

    By using unique visionary techniques, our detectors can be used both indoors and outdoors to reliably detect heat and movement, under almost any environmental condition.

When you take this technology, combine it with our in-house designed electronics and software then add over ten years of expertise you come up with a market leading, portable security product designed specifically with you in mind.


Portable Security - Permanent Solution




Our company has successfully been supplying the Royal Air Force in the UK and overseas through the TIDAS program for the past 10 years. We also have 180 units in the Prison Service throughout the UK and Northern Ireland.                         




     Primarily suited to airfield security as perimeter fencing, particularly at forward operating bases.

We supply systems that are carried by soldiers for platoon protection in the field and for general usage as backup systems for applications such as protection of supplies, fuel dumps, vehicles etc. 

Our systems create extra security areas within base camps and are carried by rapid response teams, worldwide.    





    The Police Service uses our systems for both overt and covert monitoring of buildings and vehicles, as well as within witness protection programs.

Our smaller systems are particularly suited to applications such as VIP protection, securing hotel rooms, dining rooms and leisure facilities as well as roof top security and personal protection.


Sensor Guard - Portable Security

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