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ï          Working GSM Nokia Cellular Phone

ï          Built-in wireless UHF transmitter

ï          Crystal controlled

ï          Transmits both side of conversation

ï          Range up to 600 feet (200 meters)

ï          Up to five miles using our briefcase repeater

ï          Magnetic antenna available for the receiver

ï          The phone comes with quick AC & car chargers

ï          Completely Stealth / Undetectable


      The latest addition to our range of UHF transmitters is the mobile phone. We have a selection of mobile phones concealing a hidden UHF transmitter. The transmitter is powered from the phones normal battery. Under close inspection, nothing unusual can be seen. It will transmit crystal clear both side of the telephone conversation up to 200 meters (600 feet) away.


      It comes with a 3 channel pocket receiver. Additional super sensitive mobile receiver also available.


 Infinity range cellular repeaters are also available.

UHF Mobile Phone Transmitter

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