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ï  Secure voice communication when connected to any analog telephone 

ï  Secure automatic fax communication for any fax machine 

ï  Secure fax communication when connected to any fax machine 

ï  Secure point-to-point file transfer when connected to computers 

ï  Secure simultaneous voice and data (SVD) when connected to telephones

    and computers 

ï  Secure multi-capability; perform encrypted voice communication, fax 

    communications, data transfers and SVD on the same secured call 

ï  Secure computer files for safe storage in any computer, network or on the


ï  Secure e-mail attachments 

ï  Secure voice teleconferencing utilizing multi-line telephones and A-Cryption


Secure Voice Communication
The A-Cryption connects to ordinary telephone lines, allowing easy
encryption of voice communication. 

Secure Automatic Fax Communication
Turn any fax machine into a secure fax communication terminal. The
A-Cryption will receive clear and encrypted fax communication unattended. 

Secure Fax Communication
Connect any fax machine through the RJ-11C jack to the A-Cryption, insuring
cryptographic communication of information. 

Secure Point-to-Point File Transfers
Personal computers exchange critical information. The A-Cryption can protect
important information contained in your system as well as securing the
communication of e-mail attachments and point to point file transfers. 

Secure SVD Communication
The A-Cryption allows secure simultaneous voice communication and
point-to-point file transfer (SVD) over ordinary telephone lines. 

Secure Multi-Capability
The A-Cryption can perform secure and encrypted voice, fax and
point-to-point data transfers all on the same phone call. Productivity
escalates when conclusions can be reached on one call.

Voice, Fax & Data Encryption System

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