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Wireless micro ear piece for cellular phone  

Invisible Micro Ear Piece is the cordless alternative to the standard wired earpiece. This earpiece cordlessly and virtually invisible fits into the ear. It ensures completely covert reception that delivers a silent pick up from any  transmitter and cellular phone. This enables you to listen to conversations where the transmitter or cellular phone has been placed, with maximum convenience and discretion. 


This is the latest step forward in electronic miniaturization harnesses proven electromagnetic technology into an earpiece measuring, it is just about one half centimeter long by half a centimeter wide with no loss of sound quality for its size. Easy to fit and use, the earpiece is just as clear in sound as the standard wired earpiece, but with the added benefit of being more discreet in use, and there are no wires to see. 


The Invisible MEP is employed extensively in "the field" by Intelligence Services of most developed countries. It therefore meets business or personal surveillance requirements that require maximum listening discretion. It can be fitted to anyone's cellular phone and it works world wide.


 *** See below the actual picture of the In-Earpiece



- Micro Ear Piece  receives the signal, by inductive coil, in a form of    electromagnetic fields

- Receiving distance:  15 – 20 cm ( from the earpiece to the Cel. Phone )

- Standard battery  Zinc-air: type 5 – 1,4 volt , type 10 - 1,4 volt or type 312  - 1,4 volt

- Battery life: from 50 to  100 hours

- Audio band: from 200 Hz to 4 KHz 

- Dimensions: 12 X 6 X 5 mm.

- It works for ALL cellular frequencies & types of transmission

- Distance between inductive coil and secret ear, about 30-40 cm.


MEP1 kit for cellular phone, includes :

- Micro Ear Piece

- wire connector for cellular phone with microphone and answer push-button

-inductive coil (cellular phone and inductive coil, you can hide it under the dress).



We can adapt MEP kit, to all kinds of cellular phone (Nokia, Motorola, Ericsson, etc...)


Wireless In-Ear Cellular Communicator

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